Upcoming Events

Women’s Prayer Meeting

Join us for a time of prayer every Tuesday morning at 10am at Joni’s House! See Linsee if you have any questions!

Midweek Bible Study

Join us for our midweek bible study with worship & and in depth verse by verse chapter by chapter study through God’s Word.

Emulate Youth Ministries

We are passionate about the youth in our community. Mike and his wife Amanda lead the youth group  which meets every Friday night from 7pm-10pm at their house; 1236 Eleanor Ave. in RP. We have a great desire to serve the youth of Rohnert Park and are seeking God for guidance. 

Sunday Service

Please join us for Sunday morning service as we fellowship and study through the Bible verse by verse.

Church Family Christmas 12/17

Join us for our annual Church Family Christmas! Bring a potluck breakfast dish to share. Enjoy time watching the kids sing and put on skits as well as the ever hilarious puppet show!